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Green Shipping, Ltd. firmly attends to all businesses needing port services, with a broad range of knowledge, experience and reliable networks as a port logistics professional company.

We offer a wide variety of port services, mainly consisting of agency activities such as sea freight forwarding, ship chartering / trading and so on for domestic and ocean-going shipping liners in all the Kyushu area and several ports in Yamaguchi, based on the main ports of Kanmon, Kitakyushu, Hakata and Oita.

Shipping Agency Business

Shipping Agency BusinessSupporting safe and smooth voyages

Green Shipping, Ltd. conducts the necessary official works of clearance at port for ships in and out going on the requests from ship owners or freighters, in compliance with Japanese laws.
We also contribute to our clients’ safe voyage through sincere responses to the various requests from them including immigration and customs formalities for the crews.

We Green Shipping, Ltd. are reliable shipping agent for near over 120 years in Japan. We have network in almost all Japanese ports and have experience for any kind of shipping agency activity for tramper / liner ships who has cargo operation and others (I.E. - arrangement of reception at airport for joining crew, attendance of superintendent, clears officials procedures equal Customs / Immigration / others, delivery of ship's store / spares, vessel's physical delivery and etc.)


Office Location

Head Office - General Agent in Japan
[ for Kanmon (Moji, Shimonoseki, Kokura, Kanda) and other all Japanese ports ]

Green Shipping, Ltd., Moji

1-5, Minato-Machi, Moji-Ku, Kitakyushu-City,
Fukuoka-Prefecture, 801-0852, JAPAN

Head Office Green Shipping, Ltd.,Moji

Branch Office

【Fukuoka (Hakata) 】
Green Shipping, Ltd., Fukuoka Branch

4th Floor, Hakata Port Center Building, 12-1, Okihama-Machi, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka-City,
Fukuoka-Prefecture, 812-0031, JAPAN

【Tobata (for Tobata, Yawata and Wakamatsu) 】
Green Shipping, Ltd., Tobata Branch

4th Floor, Tobihata Building, 2-2, Tobihata-Cho, Tobata-Ku, Kitakyushu-City,
Fukuoka-Prefecture, 804-0001, JAPAN

Green Shipping, Ltd.,Tobata Branch
Green Shipping, Ltd., Oita Branch

934, Kaibara Chihama, Oita-City,
Oita-Prefecture, 870-0107, JAPAN

Green Shipping, Ltd.,Oita Branch
Green Shipping, Ltd., Karatsu Branch

7182-105, Kaigandori, Karatsu-City,
Saga-Prefecture, 847-0873, JAPAN

Green Shipping, Ltd.,Karatsu Branch
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